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Get rid of that pool you don’t use with our pool demolition service.

A pool on your property is often seen as a dream! However, when that pool is rundown, not working, more maintenance than you want, or a safety hazard, that pool might need to go. Here at K&S Property Maintenance & Junk Removal, we are able to help you with all sorts of demolition needs, even pool demolition. If you have a pool that is taking over your yard and not allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space, our team of demolition experts is here for you in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area.

Pool Demolition in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Pool demolition is something that not just any handman service can handle, but is best when left to professionals like ours. The size and shape of the pool will determine the equipment that is needed, and we have a variety of large machines and tools that can help us make short work of any pool demolition. Because of our experience and expertise in demolition, we are able to quickly break up and tear down your pool, large or small.

Once we are done with your pool demolition, we will help clear the area of the debris and garbage left behind. We try to make the most of everything we demolish and sort out any materials that could be recycled whenever possible. After we clear the rest of the rubble from the area, the property will be ready for a fresh start. For more information on our pool removal services, please give us a call today.