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Our company offers competitive pricing on all of our services, including large item hauling.

When you’re de-junking your home or property, you may find that certain items are just too large to move and handle on your own. Large pieces of furniture, heavy objects, appliances, and other common household items can accumulate over time, but removing them is a more challenging undertaking. Trying to lift, haul, and dispose of large items can be a safety risk, especially if you’re not trained in the proper methods for lifting and carrying heavy loads. Instead of taking the risk on your own, contact us at K&S Property Maintenance & Junk Removal to handle the large item hauling process.

Large Item Hauling in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Our company offers competitive pricing on all of our services, including large item hauling. You can count on us to show up on time and handle the job professionally. If we’re hauling something away from your property we will dispose of it properly, so you don’t have to worry about it. We’re also available to provide large item delivery if you’re getting something new and need assistance getting it to your home or business.

Since we’re a family-owned business we treat each of our clients like part of the family. We also deliver personalized service with solutions for any need that may arise when it comes to hauling and moving large, bulky items. You can also rely on us for property maintenance, demolition services, and junk removal in the Lake Norman and surrounding areas of North Carolina area. If you have questions about the large items we can haul away for you or would like to schedule an appointment to have something hauled, give us a call today.


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