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Let us handle that old mattress with our mattress disposal service!

You spend nearly one-third of your life on a mattress, so it stands to reason that you want that mattress to be a comfortable one! If you are tired of your existing mattress and ready for an upgrade, then you might be excited about the prospect of a supported night’s sleep. However, you might also be concerned about what you are going to do with your old, lumpy or uncomfortable mattress once the new one arrives. Here at K&S Property Maintenance & Junk Removal, we would like to help you with all your mattress removal needs in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area.

Mattress Disposal in Lake Norman, North Carolina

When you call our experts to handle your mattress removal, you will quickly find out that we can handle all sorts of junk removal situations. Whether you are getting rid of your own personal mattress, are working on clearing out a rental property with mattresses and other junk left behind, or need help hauling away other large items, our mattress disposal service is at your disposal! Our skilled junk removal professionals can expertly maneuver even the largest of mattresses out of small doorframes, down narrow hallways and around tight staircases. Because of our expertise, your mattress will quickly be a thing of the past.

If you have questions about our mattress disposal services or any of our other junk removal services, we would be more than happy to talk with you. For answers to your questions or to make an appointment, please give us a call today.